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Introduction: Old Tackle Box Restoration

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I have been looking for a small tackle box to use for some of my salt water rigging. So I decided to use this old, Old Pal tackle box I found. It was a cool looking small tackle box but it was pretty dirty and messed up, so I decided to fix it up and spray paint it. Also I thought since it was a salt water tackle box I would give it a coastal color scheme, instead of the usual old bass fishing tan and green. I painted the bottom half flat light blue, the top half and tray flat white, and the handle and latch with black rubber flexi dip. I also wanted to leave all the metal bare. Some parts of the box were able to be disassembled easily but I didn't want to drill out the rivets holding on the folding tray and handle. To do it this way it took a LOT of time and taping off. I did two coats of the spray paint and about three coats of the flexi dip. But finally in the end when it all dried, it turned out really well. It looks great and holds all the tackle I need. I also added some stickers and plan to add a Salt Life sticker soon.

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    Question 3 months ago

    What kind of paint did you use


    6 years ago

    Cool, i have an old tackle box just right for this