Old Broken Radio Converted to New Site Radio

Introduction: Old Broken Radio Converted to New Site Radio

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In short an old radio which was broken and I was unable to use the same casing to fix it back up so I made myself a site radio (a work radio)

Step 1: Fixing the Radio If Broken or Even Fixable

I didnt remember to take pictures and that when i was fixing it so apologies for that. I started off with a broken radio which i didn't know what was wrong as it happened mine had 2 problems which were very easy to fix, the first problem that I found that music didn't seem to come out so i found some old earphones, cut them down to see how the speaker was. It turned out that the speaker had broken some how and I am not clever enough to tell you what happened to it so i left it where it was. The second problem I found was a simple one again and simply the connection going into the radio on the back was dodgy so as you can see in this picture I managed to find an old (computer) socket and i put it on the back along with a switch to save having to open it up every time. by having these 2 problems meant that I could not salvage the radio case as it would have been a hassle to have found a replacement speaker and input power. As I did on the other hand have some sealing speakers left over and some other bits and pieces I decided to make myself a new radio. I go out working with some of my dads employes very often on weekends and that and found myself in need of a radio to keep the day going on. I had been looking at some milwaukee radios as I already have the drills so i thought it would be handy to keep to the same brand but there is a problem.... They are expensive as in very expensive the money I don't have so this is brilliant for what I want. Also as nice as it looks now I am going to put rubber strips all around it as things do tend to go down a few flights of stairs when you're out on a job.

Step 2: Inserting Speakers and Wiring Up

In this step It will all depend on your radio, the size of the speakers in the radio (power wise), how big you want the whole thing to be and the size of the speakers you have. Drill necessary holes for your speakers and pop them in. I went for ply as it is thin enough for my speakers and is quite durable once i have had it all rubbered up. Also in this picture as you can see there was a lot of space left so i think it will come in handy some time. For the wiring it is also the same as speakers and all that very. As i was wiring it up i did manage to put a input aux cable, I managed to do this by removing where the AM cables were and replaced them with an old head from a pair of earphones as I never use AM.

Step 3: Finishing Off and Testing

This project took me a surprising amount of time as by the time you make the box (all hand sawn) and sussed out the electrical side of things it does swallow time... easily. As you can see in the picture I did put a cheeky power light in and it works great as you sometimes don't know when it is off or if the volume is down. I later got on to going around the edges with rubber as you can see in one of the pictures. I hope that this helped and if so let me know, but as i say this is more of a personal project so unless you have the exact problem as i do it might not be for you.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks for sharing this project! it'd be awesome if you could add more photos of your process :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I have now made a video and I will try to put it on shortly :-)