Introduction: Old-fashioned Crib for Dolls & Stuffies

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My daughter and I like to make Dolls and Stuffies. I've been wanting to make a crib for some time, partly as a challenge to try something new, and also to create something that other people would like to have or re-create for themselves. It is difficult to find lovely cribs out there, reminiscent of days gone by. I thought back to what I had as a young girl, and also old bed designs that I had seen in a museum, with the rope-style platforms. It is simple and aesthetically pleasing, and so I wanted to incorporate it into a crib that rocked. Shouldn't all cribs rock? : )

Step 1: Materials and First Cuts

Lumber: For the crib portion, one 2 x 4 is sufficient. I had a small piece leftover.The stand needs half of a 2 x 4 x 8.

Tools: Jigsaw, Band saw, or Table saw, one or all provides for varying degrees of convenience and/or accuracy.

Measuring tape/pencil, clamps are helpful, gloves, angle/straight edge, hand-drill, drill press is better, and a sewing machine for the mattress.

Materials: cotton rope(about 50'), screws(2", 2.5"), nails(2" finishing), paint or stain, fabric and stuffing, sewing stuff.

Getting started

Naturally, you can make the size whatever you want, but 1' x 2' is a good guide. I first cut my 4 side pieces for the top and bottom, ripped those in half, then made the 4 end pieces and ripped those. I figured butt joints would be the easiest and plenty strong for the purpose. I ripped my pieces using a band saw, but a table saw would give better results.

Step 2: Squaring Everything Up

We are dealing with 2 x 4's here, and unless you pay a premium, most are pretty crappy-looking, so using my jointer put a nice surface on everything. I then sanded everything, softening up the sharp corners a bit.

Step 3: Creating the Frame

I drilled a single hole to create all my butt joints, and countersunk them a bit. I wanted to add a detail later with the holes to coordinate with the stand.

Step 4: The Verticals

Same process as before, cutting to the height I desired, ripping, jointing and drilling holes.

Step 5: Creating the Crib

I attached the top and bottom with the verticals, then penciled in the holes to determine spacing.

I hand-drilled some very small holes and tried it out with some string to see if the spacing looked attractive. After I was happy with that, I took the frame apart and brought the pieces over to the drill press. Using masking tape or a thin piece of ply underneath will help with chip out.

I put the frame back together and started the stringing process with the cotton rope just to make sure I could feed everything through nicely.

Step 6: Paint, or Stain

2 x 4's are not exactly known for their nice grain lines... : D... so I opted for paint.

I just used paints that I had leftover from other projects that would match the living room.

I mixed some putty with the contrasting paint that I'd use for the stand, and filled in all the countersunk holes.

Step 7: Start Roping!

This is the fun part, and quite easy.

I integrated the walls with the bottom, doing the long sides first, then the edges, which is where I weaved over and under to create the mattress platform.

I tied off at the bottom, feeding an end into a hole, pushing with a nail, then adding a dab of glue.

Step 8: The Stand

(I love that book.)

Nothing complicated here, just creating a height that makes sense. I doubled what the crib was, thought that would be pleasing to the eye, then just ripped that in half and planed them square with my jointer.

I then created the cross brace to the same length as the crib, plus about 3/8" to accommodate for the small spacing to allow the crib to rock freely, without friction.

The other ripped half from that I cut in half, for the feet of the stand's legs.

Step 9: Pivot and Attachment Drill Holes

You want to position the holes for function and aesthetic.

The pivot holes at the top should have the crib pretty level with the top of the stand. I used 1 1/4" dowels, which are plenty strong. Drill the depth of your holes into the stand and crib to allow for about 3/16" spacing between stand legs and crib frame.

The holes for the cross brace were drilled completely through on the legs, to make for an easy attachment to the horizontal cross brace.

The two feet had holes completely drilled through, as well, to attach to the legs.

Step 10: Let's Put It All Together, and Add Some More Color

I attached everything with 2.5" primeguard screws, then also used some finishing nails for added stability.

Paint away, and while it is drying......

Step 11: Make the Mattress

Make the mattress larger than the frame, by a couple inches. It will fluff up nicely. I indented the corners for a nicer fit, but it is not necessary.

Step 12: Sew & Stuff

Sew all edges, leaving a 5" opening for stuffing.

Turn right-side-out and stuff with wool. Stitch opening closed. Situate into crib frame.

Step 13: Insert Crib Into Frame and Fill With Love

It wasn't that difficult to spread the very top of the stand to accept the dowel pins. The second pin is easier. : )

Fill with your creations and see who becomes curious!

It swings very nicely, I am happy to record. This would be such a lovely gift for a youngian. We sometimes have little adorables that come over to visit, and this will be so cute for them!

Oh, and Please vote if you think this deserves one...

: )


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