Olivia's Pink Jeep Build

Introduction: Olivia's Pink Jeep Build

About: Students at Wichita State University run a program that modifies off-the-shelf ride-on toy cars for kids with disabilities. Our cars feature more technical builds with joysticks and arduinos. We post our instr…

Oliva is a very persisting, curious and loving 2 year old who loves to spend quality time with her family. For Olivia, she has to where arm braces because she tends to fidget with her hands near her face. Because of this, it hinders her growth as a child.


Here are the supplies that you will need for this project:

Yellow button, pvc pipe, Philip head screwdriver, Velcro straps, measuring tape, Orange caps, wire connectors, Electrical tape, Drill Wire cutters, strippers, and splitters, Extra wires, Wooden circle with rectangular cutouts (see image above), 2x M10 washers for seatbelts, 2x round head screws for seatbelt, 4x medium springs, 2x Large M10 screws, 10x large washer, 2x lock nuts, 2x large bolts, 21 drill bit, 1/2 drill bit and a kill switch.

Step 1: Assemble the Car

Assemble the car using the instructions provided. However, do not attach the steering wheel and the seat as it makes future steps easier.

Step 2: Big Red Button and the Kill Switch

For the Big Red button, you will only need the bottom half of the steering wheel that is provided. After this you will need to ensure that the wooden circle is the same or exact size of the bottom half of the steering wheel. When you are sure of the size, you will need to drill a whole in the middle of the wooden circle. This whole will be used as a passage to the engine compartment for the wires. From here you you can use three round head screws to to secure the wood to the bottom portion of the steering wheel. One screw should go into the the top, another on the bottom right and the other on the bottom left. Once completed, use the wires from the big red button and find a hole. This hole will be used to allow the wires to go from the side to the bottom (wires should be on the bottom the button's base rather than the side). Once the wires are able to go to the bottom of the button's base, move the wires to the "engine" compartment visa the steering wheel. One the two button wires are in the engine compartment, one wire will go to the ground white wire and the other wire will be available for the kill switch. Now we will start on the kill switch. First you will use the 21 drill bit to start the drilling process. Using this bit you drill through one of the two plastic panels on the back. Once completed, you may use the 1/2 inch drill bit to continue the drilling process through both of the panels. The overall size of the hole should be roughly the size of the kill switch. Once completed take off any outside paneling on the kill switch. This should leave roughly two parts (on/off panel and the bolts). Then from the other side of the hole, you will put the kill switch through the hole. When the kill switch is through he hole, you may put the two outside pieces of the panel together with the on/off panel first then the bolt/screw. Once you install the kill switch, one wire should go to the white output wire and the other wire should connect to the available steering wheel wire.

Step 3: Attaching the Seat and Seatbelt, and Attaching the Wheel and the Pvc Pipe

First, the will attach the seat and seatbelt. We can achieve this by uninstalling the pre-existing seatbelt. Next you will need the Velcro straps to make the seatbelts. First you will need to disassemble the back portion of the seat. From there you will need four medium sized round screws, four medium washers and four bolts. From there, you will need to find your desired seat height. One figured out, you will need to mark the place where you want the seat belt. Once marked you will use the 21 drill bit to drill a hole for the round head screw. Once you have these holes, you can began to screw the holes into the Velcro straps and the seat. On the back of the screw you will need one medium washer and a bolt. Once on the back, screw in the the bolt to ensure the seatbelt doesn't move. You will complete this step on either side of the seat and if you plan on adding a second seat belt, you will also need to complete the same process. One all of you seat belts are fastened, you can re-install the back portion of the seat and install the seat to the car. Now in order to attach the pvc pipe to the button, then you will need to four medium springs, two M10 large screws, 10 large washers, two lock nuts and two large bolts. To install the support for the pvc pipe, you will need to attach parts for the screws. In order to do this properly, you will need to follow this order from top to bottom. The order is: large washer, spring, large washer, spring, larger washer, large bolt, two washers, a lock bolt and a large bolt. You will also need to do this order for the other screw. Once completed, then you would take off the bottom of the bolts and install the screws in the pvc pipe holes and the wheel holes. Once complete then you will be able to install the bolt to the bottom of the screw to hold it in place.

Step 4: Decorate

Congratulations, you finished the hard part of the project, now you may decorate. The image above will show our design for out jeep.

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