Introduction: On Air Box, With Music Interaction

This signal On Air is music interactive.

Is composed by 5 parts:

1-The box ( originaly a whine botlle box).
2- String of leds (are these that interact with the music).
3- Backgroud led´s ilumination with light intensity regulation.
4- Board with microphone and respective instrumentation, the output signal goes to an input in Attiny85
5- Board that:
5.1- Convert voltage from 12V to 5V.
5.2- Have a Attiny85, that is programmed to receive the output from a microphone.
5.3- Have a IC ULN2803AN, to deliver de necessary current to the string of Led's (over the limit of output current of Attiny85)

Step 1: 1- the Box & Row of Leds

The box its a normal box from a bottle of wine.

The row of Led are separed in 4 parts each one have 4 leds placed in series.
The 4 parts are connected in parallel.
12V are applied at each row of leds.

Step 2: Capture the Sound

To capture the ambient sound i bought microphone board that already have included the instrumentation of the mic.

I bought the mic here:

The digital output of this board was connected to pino of attiny85.

Step 3: Back Light Illumination

I attached 3 rows of leds with a potentiometer to control de intensity of ilumination.
12V were applied.

Step 4: Main Board

This board have tree funtions, the first is to convert 12v in 5v to the attiny 85, the second is to receive the output of the mic, input into Attiny85, and control the Leds through the IC ULN2803AN.

The ULN2803AN is necessary because the current necessary to feed the rows of Leds its superior than the output current of Attiny85.

The main source is made by a transformer of 12V.

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