Introduction: On the Go Pillow

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Have you ever been stuck in a car, bus or train? Or perhaps on a boat or plane? Or maybe your out and about and feel like resting your head? Can't find anything around to use as a pillow? Your backpack is probably too lumpy and book or two probably too hard. Well as long as you've a hooded sweater (or even a hooded jacket) you've got a pillow ready to be made in 30 seconds or less!

Step 1: Grab Your Hoodie

Take off your hoodie if your wearing it, take it out of your backpack or "borrow" a friends.

Step 2: Lay It Flat

Lay it flat with the arms outwards and if it has a zipper then zip it up!

Step 3: Fold the Arms

Start by folding the arms across the front one over the other. Just like if you were crossing your arms.

Step 4: Fold It in Half

Grab the bottom of the sweater and fold it up so the bottom is in line with the neck and shoulders.

Step 5: Fold the Sides

Fold both sides in equally so they meet in the middle.

Step 6: Tuck It Into the Hood

Grab the folded portion and flip it up to the hood and neatly tuck it in.

Step 7: Form and Finish

Using your hands from the pillow to your liking by pulling and squeezing as necessary. When you've shaped it as desired your done! Go ahead (no pun intended) and try it out! Sure beats my back pack!