Introduction: One Nation

I started ambitious (ambitious at least for a 3D Design n00b in such a short time-frame). I wanted to create a one-print rotating ornament (Red one - version 1). But alas, I could not figure out the design element to make it rotate properly, and at just 3" max, the quality came out poor due to having tiny details in a tiny print space.

Needless to say, I learned a lot from this experience.

I created a version 2 (green), one solid piece, larger in detail for a more detailed print. What's been great about this contest is realizing I can now host a library program where attendees can design their own ornament and print it out to hang in their homes for the holidays.

I plan to study other one-print, rotating/gyroscopic designs to take my skills to the next level!

Thanks! It's been fun! :D

Happy Holidays!

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