Introduction: One Stair Drop Car

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Hey! This is my one stair drop car! Made by my imagination, this car can handle a one stair drop (hence the name) but not multiple at once. I hope you like this and enjoy!

Step 1: The Front Wheels

This will be the car's first thing to drop and save itself.

Step 2: The Back Wheels

This is the last thing to drop.

Step 3: The Middle

This long part is for helping the whole car. And you cant have a drop without a middle!

Step 4: Assembly

Be sure to have this exactly as the pictures shown!

Step 5: Final and Your Done

Be sure to hook up these purple connectors so your car doesn't fall apart.

Step 6: Completion

I hope you like this! If your wondering, that bendy orange rod is for the hook up to the back for when you carry it as shown in the pic. Hope you enjoyed! Comment for questions!