Introduction: Online Server Check Portable Alarm (Using NodeMCU ESP8266)

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What server/service down indcator mean to us..?

In the online infrastructure world, it's a lot...!!

We have to maintain all availability of our service "you don't want to let your service/server down and lose your business" But sometimes puting some people to monitor it is doesn't work well. so we need to improve this mecanism... so i make this device to help warning all the team where ever they are easily. No need computer just plug to the power and it will connect to the AP and warn your team when it needed...

This time i will use as example but u can use other than it like pingdom or others...

Step 1: What U Need (hardware)

Step 2: Modified the Alarm Box

Make a hole for Mute button and 12v DC power socket and glue it with hot glue

Step 3: Ajust Your Ultra-Small Size DC-DC Step Down Power Supply Module

Don't forget before all wire up, using multi tester make sure that your step down V out is 5v or close enough...

Step 4: Wire It Up

wire it up according wire schema above... i just use pin D4 (GPIO2) for signaling the relay and relay power use 3.3v not 5v pin.

after that place your part as efficient as you can... you also can make some hole for your WeMos MCU USB cable in case u needed... and after that secure place with some hot glue...

PS: i put some aluminum heat sink on the WeMos because sometime it slightly hot...

Step 5: WeMos NodeMCU ESP8266 Code

open your statuscake and navigate to Integration than look for Pull Service URL and copy your Pull URL

Open arduino IDE (but before this please find out how to program NodeMCU board for who never do this before)

Open the arduino code below and replace the SSID, SSID Password, Pull URL.

Step 6: All Done... and Make Some Noise...

But i hope not... because if there is an alarm noise, there is some service/server down...

Just plug it on the power anywhere and u will notice with flashing light and beeping sound if there is some of your server/service need help ASAP....

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