Introduction: Open EVSE Basic Power Supply

Basic 12V DC power supply for use with Open EVSE.

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12V DC - 4 Watts

Skill level: Basic soldering

Warning High voltage present!!!

Step 1: Parts


1 - Open EVSE power supply board
1 - MPM-04S-12 switch mode power supply module
1 - 3.5mm 2 position screw terminal
1 - 5.0mm 3 position screw terminal
2 - 1A 250V fuses
1 - 0.1uf ceramic capacitor
1 - 47uf electrolytic capacitor

Step 2: Getting Started...

Start with the smallest components, the 2 fuses and 3.5mm screw terminal so they will stay in place when the board is inverted.

Step 3: More...

Next Solder the 3 position 5mm screw terminal.

Then solder the ceramic and electrolytic (watch polarity) capacitors to the board, bent the leads on the bottom so they will stay in place.

Step 4: Finishing Up!

Carefully place the power supply module on the board and solder.

Clip the excess length off the leads and clean solder flux from board.

WARNING - High AC voltage on board! Cover the bottom half of the board including the 3 position 5mm screw terminal fuses and power supply module with a quality electrical tape or epoxy to reduse the risk of shock. On the top of the board cover IC1, IC2, R1 and R2 with a quality electrical tape or epoxy to reduse the risk of shock.

Carefully, connect power supply to 90-260v voltage source, the power supply output should be very close to 12.0v DC.  

If you wish to stack your Open EVSE and power supply add 3/4 inch spacers and screws. Make sure the screws do not come in contact with other components on either board.