Open House Window While Alarm Still Working (No Bypass)




Introduction: Open House Window While Alarm Still Working (No Bypass)

Preface: We like to sleep with our windows open some times when it is cool out. There is no sense in having the AC on if the weather outside is perfect. Since moving out of an apartment and into a home, we would have to bypass the alarm (ie: turn a zone off). Surely there had to be another way.

This isn't 100% burglar proof, but that's what my bedside weapon is for. I just need an early warning if someone has messed with any of the windows.

Most window alarms work via a magnet. There is a sensor on the inside of the window frame that is wired up to your security system. Then there is a magnet attached to the window. If the magnet moves away from the sensor, the circuit is broken and the alarm sounds.

With this in mind, I purchased two magnets for our two bedroom windows and mounted them accordingly. 

Now we can sleep with the windows open and the alarm active for that zone. Keep in mind not to open the window too much as to let someone crawl into the window without having to open it further.

Forgot to add this. I purchased these on Amazon for $4/pc. Expensive for a magnet covered in plastic, but it was easier than making one.

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    6 years ago

    I don't think it's a very safe idea to bypass your security system. But I'm sure that there are settings that allow for exceptions like this! Reminds me of the time my office movers accidentally set off some house alarms. That was "fun"…


    8 years ago on Introduction

    As a security professional, this is a BIG NO-NO for a monitored alarm system. If you do the above, and have any incident involving a break in where you need to make an insurance claim, imagine what might happen to your claim if the claims inspector walks in and finds this? You probably receive a discount on your home insurance for having a security system installed. Rest assured, you are expected to use it AS INSTALLED. Yes you could remove the magnets before anyone came in but you could also forget to do so. Also this may void any warranty provided by your security provider and in the event of a break in where the alarm malfunctions for any reason, you will not be able to hold them responsible for the malfunction (even if the malfunction or break in was in another room) because you have tampered with the installation.

    Note that this comment applies only to monitored systems. If you own your own security system and it is not monitored, then nobody will care if you want to mess around with it, because you are still ultimately responsible for the safety of your own home. However with a monitored alarm system, you are shifting the burden of having a properly wired and functioning alarm system to the security provider. A closed zone means CLOSED, not a foot open with a magnet on it. If you want to get around that, use the bypass feature on your monitored security system and buy a cheapo single zone, unmonitored alarm from Home Depot to use on your bedroom window in the partially open position (this solution only to be used if you will actually be present in the room though). Anybody trying to move the window will be scared off by the instant alarm sounding right inside the window and you will be made aware that somebody was at the window, allowing you to activate the panic feature on your monitored alarm system if you so choose.