Opening a Wine Bottle With a Caulk Gun

Introduction: Opening a Wine Bottle With a Caulk Gun

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This is not one of those useless ways to open a wine actually works very good.

Even professional "wine people" agree that pushing IN the cork is go-to solution if the cork is damaged.

Normally you would take a tool of your choice (sharpie, toothbrush, stick) and use it to push IN the cork.

Not too complicated, but it can get messy, especially if you have not done it before.

A caulk gun can be also called cork-gun, because it's amazing for pushing IN the cork.

It let's you control the pressure applied and push in the cork slowly without wasting a single drop of wine (if you're careful)

Step 1: Remove the Plunger

First we'll need to remove the plunger.

If you are opening a bottle that does not have a damaged cork (party trick or no cork-screw), then that's the only thing you have to do.

If the cork is damaged, you'll need to put on a washer so the bar would not sink into the cork.

Step 2: Push IN the Cork

With one hand hold the bottle and the other hand pump the caulk gun.

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