Optical Illusion Halloween Colouring Activity




Introduction: Optical Illusion Halloween Colouring Activity

This is a perfect low budget classroom or kids club activity for Halloween. Its easy to do and only needs equipment that most people would already have.

When this picture is hanging on a wall the eyes of the character follow you around the room due to an optical illusion that is frequently used in haunted houses so this makes the perfect easy to make Halloween decoration.


Colouring sheet (either printed on card or backed with card)


Colouring Equipment (pens, pencils or crayons)

Piece of white card 15cm by 10cm

2 pieces of corrugated card 15cm by 1.5cm


Card for framing the picture

Step 1: Print Off a Suitable Image

Get yourself a suitable colouring page. The only requirement is that the picture has large eyes that face the front.

I could not find any on google images that were exactly what I wanted so I made my own. I'm not exactly an artist but you are welcome to use them.

Step 2: Cut Out the Eyes

Staying on the inside of the black oval neatly cut out the eye holes.

Step 3: Colour Your Picture In

Use any type of colouring materials you like to colour in your picture.

Step 4: Make the Eyes

Take a piece of white card that is about 15cm by 10cm.

Place it behind the eye holes of your colouring sheet.

Draw the irises and pupils on this piece of card.

Take the card out from behind your colouring sheet then take two thin strips of corrugated card and glue them to the top and bottom of your eye card ON THE SAME SIDE AS THE EYES.

Step 5: Attach the Eyes

Glue the tops of the corrugated card strips.

Then place your colouring sheet on top so the eyes are right in the centre of the eye holes.

Press the colouring sheet onto the glued parts of the eye card so that it sticks.

Step 6: Frame Your Colouring Sheet

I have only added a plain black card frame to my picture but it would look far better if you were to add a more ornate frame.

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8 years ago

Don't criticize yourself too much. There is nothing wrong with your drawings. Thanks for sharing. :)


8 years ago on Introduction

I knew that trick and it's very effective, it will appear like it's watching you whenever you go.


8 years ago on Introduction

Wow, I never heard about this illusion before. So simple, and works so well. I'm definitely making this at some point :) Thanks a lot for sharing!


8 years ago

Thank you!!! I'm going to make a bunch of these with my kids to put around the house. They'll get such a kick out of it!