Introduction: Oragami Box

Any piece of paper that is able to be cut into a square. (See step 1)


A piece of paper and scissors.

Step 1: Make a Square If Your Paper Is Not Square Already

You can do this by taking one corner and folding it evenly across to the opposite lower edge, create a hard crease by pinching along the fold across the entire fold. Then, cut off the hanging rectangle portion off from the bottom of the paper.

Step 2: Crease Across the Center of the Paper

Create a crease along the center going from the other direction by taking one corner of the square and folding it evenly with the opposite corner. Crease both ways. The result should look like two intersecting lines that cross at the center of the square.

Step 3: Create Mid Creases

Create 4 new creases by folding each individual corner into the center, having the tip of the corner at the exact center where the other creases meet. Pinch across the entire fold to create a good crease each time.

Step 4: Create Outer Creases

Create 4 more creases towards the outer edge by taking each corner and folding it past the center meeting the crease created in the previous step. Repeat this for each corner folding to the opposite ends outer crease.

Step 5: Create Outer Edge End Crease

Take the very tip of each corner and fold in just barely into the crease on its own end, placing the corner exactly on the crease.

Step 6: Cut

Make four cuts total, two on opposite ends. The cuts are placed two squares in starting from each edge of the outer triangles created from the previous step's creases. Cut along exactly on the crease using as a guide for a straight cut.

Step 7: Create Sides of the Box

Fold the uncut triangle corner in onto itself to the first crease, one square in. Then fold again over onto itself to the next square in using the crease as a guide. Repeat this same fold for the opposite side, after each side is folded it should look like the third image.

Step 8: Fold Walls In

Fold each side of the wall in onto itself using the tip of the triangle to stop at the cross section of the opposite cut. Repeat for the opposite side. Once done stand each side back up facing upwards like the third picture.

Step 9: Create Wall Foldovers

Take the small triangle of the leftover side and fold it in onto itself into the first crease. Then fold it again over onto itself to the second crease. Repeat for the other side.

Step 10: Create the Sides of the Box and Complete the Scructure.

Bring each wall up (first picture) and bring each edge alongside each other creating a wall of paper that you are able to fold the adjacent wall hold fold over onto. It should fold up and over the wall and tucked into the inside of the newly created box corner. Tuck it into the inside corners of the box. Repeat this step for the other side.

Step 11: You're Done!

Repeat these steps to create one more box, and they fit into each other to create a full box. You're done! Hope this was easy and helpful.