Introduction: Orange Cutlery Pouch

Having a daughter with a serious interest in the conservation of both animals and plants I find myself looking for easy ways to contribute to the reduction of single use plastic.

Along with my fabric shopping bags and bamboo coffee mugs I now carry a set of reusable cutlery. In order to ensure that the cutlery stays clean and ready to use in my handbag I have created this easy to make roll up pouch.

Reuse a polypropylene shopping bag ( I seem to have a collection of freebies at home) or choose another fabric that is strong but will be light to carry.

The templates are easy to draw and the size could be altered to a fit larger or smaller cutlery set.


1 or 2 POLYPROPYLENE shopping bags

Thread colour to match

Small piece of Velcro

Sewing Machine

Fabric Scissors

A4 Paper

Step 1: Creating the Templates

To draw the templates you will need 2 sheets A4 paper.

BACK PIECE - The first piece of A4 paper becomes the Back piece.

FRONT PIECE - Place the second piece of paper portrait ways on the table. Measure 18cm from the bottom of the paper. Rule a line. This is the Front piece

STRAP - To make the strap measure 5cm from the top of the Front piece, rule a line.

Cut out Front piece and Strap.

Step 2: Cutting Out

Cut along the seams of the polypropylene bags to make two pieces.

Pin the templates to each piece. Cut around the edges carefully.

Step 3: Begin Stitching

Fold the top edge of the Back piece over 1cm. Stitch in place using straight stitch.

Repeat with the Front piece.

(Because the orange bag fabric was a little thin I lined it with red.)

Step 4: Create the Strap

Fold the strap over lengthwise with the rides sides facing, stitch 1cm from the open edge and along one short edge.

Cut the corners and turn through.

(Use a pencil to make this step easier.)

Step 5:

Cut a strip of velcro - 2cm x 1cm.

Stitch 1 piece to the closed end of the strap, 3 - 4mm from the edge.

Turn the strap over, stitch the second piece of velcro to this side of the open end, 1.5cm from the edge.

Step 6: Stitch the Front and Back

Place the Back piece on the table right side up.

Position the strap 10cm from the bottom edge, on the left hand seam. - See photo.

Put the Front piece on top, matching the lower edges. Make sure that the right sides are facing.

Pin together along side and base edges. Be sure to pin the strap in place.

Step 7:

Fold the top of the Back piece over to meet the top edge of the Front piece.

(see photo above)

Pin in place. Stitch around the pouch, 1cm from each of the sides and base.

(do not stitch along the folded top edge)

Step 8:

Carefully cut off each of the corners.

(do not cut stitching)

Turn the pouch through, carefully pushing the corners out to create a neat, even finish.

Step 9: Add the Pockets

Mark the lines for the pockets - measure across 5.5cm and draw a line. Repeat this twice more. (you should now have 3 lines running up and down the front piece)

Stitch over the lines using straight stitch.

Be sure to reverse at the start and end of each stitching line.

Use a matching thread or contrast with another colour.

Step 10:

Your pouch is ready to use.

Carefully slide the utensils into the pockets.

Step 11:

Roll your pouch and secure with the velcro strap.

Step 12:

Carry your pouch in your handbag or pack into your luggage.

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