Introduction: Organic Indoor Gardening

Using organic soil and heritage seed, they are started only with hydrogen peroxide instead to water to give them a jump start.

Step 1: Organic Fertilizer

Made from bone meal, Epsom salts, egg shells, and crushed aspirin to optimize growth without adding chemicals.

Step 2: First Transplant.

As the seedling get bigger, they need to be spread out and watered for the first time using distilled water and more natural fertilizer.

Step 3: Second Transplant.

Final growing space for the plants and more fertilizer with hydrogen peroxide to help stabilize them after transplanting.

Step 4: 5 Weeks

Already starting to see blossoms.

Step 5: 7 Weeks and Growing Well in a Souther Exposure.

Most plants already blossoming and ready for pollination.

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