Introduction: Organiser Can Put Lots of Stuff

Right now i made this lego organiser that can put more then ten stuff. (Mandatory) YOU NEED TO BRING it to school just kidding optional.


1. Lego

Step 1: The Pencil Making

First ,we are going to make the pencil putting place first you need a 94 tiled baseplate to put your Lego pieces. So First, you need a 2×4 bricks and you will put it on the 1st row 8th dot you can look at the 1st photo to see if you are struggling also both sides should be 8. Next you need to still have the 2×4 bricks a-lot of them next just stack the bricks up until you see the layer is 8 you can look at the 2nd picture for doing this. Now we can decorate you can decorate how much you want you can look at the 3rd photo to see my decorations see the next one it is erasers.

Step 2: The Eraser

Now we are a making a place for the eraser still on the same base plate so first, we need a 1×10 brick. Then get a 1x4 brick or a 1x2 brick and stack it on the 1x10 brick and make it until the straightness is 8. Then cover the back with 1x2 bricks or 1x4 bricks and 1x1 bricks you can look at the 3rd photo now you are done the eraser. Next is the glue.

Step 3: The Glue Sticks

So now we are doing the glue sticks. First, you need a 2x4 or 2x3 or 2x6 brick and then with those pieces we will make a horizontal dot until 8 same strategy you can look at the 1st photo. Then you need to do 8 dots same strategy vertically. You can look at the 2nd photo also stack them both until it is 8. After wards, you need to get a 2x4 brick or a 2x4 brick and put it in the middle in the inside like the 3rd photo also stack it it until it is 2. Finely it is the 1x4 slope brick put it on the right side. You can look at the 4th photo. Last but not least, you need a 1x3 slope brick and do the same as before that means we are done this one.

Step 4: The Scissors

So First, we need a 1x6 brick or a 2x4 brick or a 2x2 brick 8 dots you can look at the 1st photo also stacked 7. Then you get a 2x4 or 2x2 brick and close the front you can look at the 2nd photo Now you are done the scissors. have fun and bring it to school to make your teacher happy.