Introduction: Organising Comfortable Home Workspace

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In nowadays, remote work is taking the same place as working from the office, for some people it's even more productive. In this instructable, I'm happy to share with you information how to organize a comfortable workplace at home.


  • 5 x shutter wardrobe door panels
  • 12 x furniture hinges
  • wood screws
  • dual monitor stand could be found on Amazon
  • display adaptors, suitable for your laptop
  • table lamp

Step 1: Installing the Monitor Holder

When I'm working, I have to look at the multiple windows, chats and etc. That is why I need a few monitors. To achieve that, a dual monitor stand was used. As you can see in the attached photo, I have decided to install the monitor stand through the tabletop, by drilling the hole and used a threaded rod, which also ships with the stand. After this, I connected the laptop to displays, by using adapters and chacked how it performs.

Step 2: Making and Installing the Room Divider

As many of us are working from home and having a lot of calls. We have to think about the background and what is happening behind us. Because I do not like the background in my environment, see photo #1 attached to this step, I decided to change it. That is why I bought 5 shutter door panels, hinges, wood screws, and created a room divider (It's simple, but possibly another one instructable to create, if someone will be interested). The market also offers some dividers made on the factory, but they cost much more than making with own hands. As a result, I got a very nice wooden background, that hides anything that happens behind me.

Step 3: Optional Workspace

Some of you, who work a lot with computers, spending a significant amount of time in the chair. It's not healthy so, workspace setup, from this instructable, provides a possibility to grab a simple carton box, put the laptop on top of it and work by standing.

Will be happy to answer on any questions.

Thanks for reading.

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