Introduction: Organize Your Pants Drawer Like a Pro

In this Instructable you will learn how to organize your pants drawer like a PRO (Me).

If you suffer from the maladies of a life without organization and you want to start somewhere,

this is the place to be.

Step 1: Find Your Motivation!

Whether you're tired or searching through a drawer filled wrinkly pants every single day or just wanting to be more organized.

There's no doubt that having things in order will benefit you in the long run.

It is proven that good habits help us maintain a healthy life.

Why not start today?


Step 2: Get to It.

1: find a flat surface to work on.

It can be a clean bed or an empty desk.

Just make sure you flatten the pants evenly.

Step 3: Calculate Distance

Calculating the longest part of the pants is probably the most challenging task in this instrctable but it isn't rocket science either.

Just make sure you match the lenght of the seam where the legs join with the lenght of the fold you're gonna make in one of the legs.

Remember to always do the folds on the same leg every time in order to mark your pants at a later step!

Step 4: Roll.

Roll it down from the waist to the ankle carefully following the front of the pants.

Step 5: Packing.

Making sure that you fold the pants tight enough to fit inside the leg hole,

Proceed to fold out and over in order to cover the entirety of the pants in order to achieve an almost indestructible folds that can withstand the ages.

Step 6: Marking

Since your pants are almost irrecognizable by now it's wise to mark them according to the style, brand, size and maybe even color.

Since I only have a pair from this maker I just wrote the brand.

Also, since it's denim the pen won't penetrate to other side but it's your job to be creative at recognizing your jeans.

Step 7: Profit!!

After every single one of your pants is folded this way you'll realize how much space you were actually wasting just by folding your pants the old fashion way.

In my case I realized, I could almost fit an extra 12 pairs of pants if i chose to.

Although it seems like a lot to get done you'll see that with practice it will become easier over time.

Well, that's it.

I hope you enjoyed my very first Instructable and I hope you learned some thing new.

Thanks for reading.

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