Origami Burr Puzzle 6 Pieces




Introduction: Origami Burr Puzzle 6 Pieces

I found of origami for years, I made lots of creations. Among them, my favourites are the usable ones in daily life. In this instructable, I explain how you can make an origami burr puzzle. Once you fold its pieces, constructing the puzzle can be good for your children aged +7. The final puzzle is around 10 cm by height.

Though it is harder to show every crease and folding in photos rather than diagrams, I tried to show them clearly.

Have fun!


  • A4 cardstock or any square paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler

Step 1: Preparing the Squares for Each Pieces

Measure 13 cm starting one corner along 2 edges. then fold that corner through the middle of the sheet. Mark second corner, then connect the marks, here is your square!

Cut 6 13cmx13cm squares from 6 papers.

Step 2: Creating Creases to Fold a Piece

Those 32 steps are to prepare the paper to fold, creating the creases. All steps are based on fold then unfold moves continuously. In the end, we have a square ready to fold.

Step 3: Folding a Piece

Step 4: Folding a Piece 1

Fold back top and bottom corners. The piece goes from p1 to p2.

Step 5: Folding a Piece 2

Fold into half inside. The piece goes from p1 to p2.

Step 6: Folding a Piece 3

Apply reverse fold. Take the right corner and pull to the bottom of the piece, fold inside. Do the same for the left corner. The piece goes from p1 to p2.

Step 7: Folding a Piece 4

Open the piece a little bit, the piece goes from p1 to p2. Then hold the right corner folded inside in the previous step; start fold guided by the creases, this folding will create a base to construct 3 dimensions. The final is in p3.

Do the same for the left corner. The final is in p4.

Step 8: Finish a Piece

Push and close both sides of the piece to the middle, place half flap of one side to under the other half flap, place half flap of another side to under the other half flap. The piece is ready!

Step 9: Create Other Pieces

Repeat the previous step 5 times more.

The puzzle is ready to combine!

Step 10: The Puzzle

  • First photo: 3 pieces
  • Second photo: 4 piece
  • Third photo: 5 pieces
  • Fourth photo: 6 pieces and Final puzzle
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    9 months ago

    It looks so great. Thank you so much for sharing. But I am stuck in step 7. Can't figure out how you fold the piece. If you have more details I will be very interested to know!


    Reply 9 months ago

    Oh thank you. There are two flaps on both corners in a triangle shape. Both flaps have 2 creases which form 3 triangular shapes. Twirl both flaps until the smallest triangle fits their corner. I realized I gave less detail there. Thank you, I will update it :)


    Thanks for sharing☺️
    surely gonna make it.
    This is a great puzzle in simple way(of making)
    Diagrams of the folding steps will make it much easier to make.plz share if you have diagramatic instructions.


    Reply 10 months ago

    I'm glad you liked it :) I'll try to find the diagrams online.