Introduction: Origami Classroom Birthday Board

Make everyone in your class remember their birthdays, decorate the classroom and teach students how to make origami! This instructable will help you.

We know that teachers all time need ideas that can help them organize and decorate the classrooms. I suggest you make the Origami Classroom Birthday Board.

Making the Birthday Board in your classroom is the perfect way to remember your students' birthdays because for them every birthday is special. The Classroom Birthday Board can be used year after year. In making this Classroom Birthday Board I used the art of paper folding – origami (ori means "folding", kami means "paper", kami changes to gami). Origami is a useful and enjoyable activity that can develop the physical, mental and creative qualities of students.

This Origami Classroom Birthday Board consists of a frame with attached dry branches (fire retardant treated wood) and colorful origami figures (different birds, butterflies, flowers). Each origami figure means the student’s birthday.

You need your students help to make this Origami Classroom Birthday Board. Your students need to choose the origami figure and the color of the paper they like, and then, of course, with your help, they will make origami. As a result, you will get absolutely original and made together with your students the Origami Classroom Birthday Board. I am sure that making origami and participating in the realization of your Classroom Birthday Board will make your students happy.

P.S. I'm tired of fighting with sites that steal my instructables regardless of the license (which is indicated in the upper left corner). Sorry but I decided to add attribution to my photos. I know it looks a little annoying, but it annoys me even more to see my works under someone else's authorship or for sale.


branches (I used walnut branches);

wooden boards - two boards 65 cm long and two boards 50 cm long, width 3-4 cm, thickness 1,4-1,8 cm (to build the frame 50 cm : 65 cm);

white and colored paper;


ribbon - 3 m;

wall hangers, right angle brackets;

fire and flame retardant treatment for wood (approved for schools in your area);

felt-tip pen;

environmental wood stain (approved for schools in your area);


big needle;


knife (to remove bark from branches);


saw (to build the frame);




rulers (triangle ruler, long straight ruler);


Step 1: Building the Frame

You need: wooden boards, fire and flame retardant treatment, glue, right angle brackets, saw, sandpaper, gloves.

Measure and saw the boards (angle 45°). You should get a rectangular frame 65 cm long and 50 cm high, both diagonals should be equal (82 cm).

Glue the boards together. Screw the right angle brackets (for a stronger connection) and mount wall hangers on the back of frame.

Sand the wood, use fire and flame retardant treatment.

Step 2: Preparing the Branches

You need: branches, wood stain, knife, secateurs, brush.

Remove bark from branches using knife. If you use walnut branches, remove the bark while it is moist.

Cut too thin and not beautiful branches with secateurs.

Use stain and fire and flame retardant treatment.

Step 3: Attaching the Branches to the Frame

You need: frame and branches made and prepared in previous steps, glue, eco-friendly wood varnish, brushes.

Spread the branches on the frame evenly and with maximum contact with the frame and with each other. Coat the contact points with glue and glue the branches one by one to the frame and to the adjacent already glued branches.

Let the glue dry and treat the wood with eco-friendly varnish.

Step 4: Making the Origami Figures

You need: white and colored paper, scissors.

To make origami, you need square sheets of paper. Bend the A4 sheet in half lengthwise and carefully cut at the fold. Then bend the cut parts of the sheet diagonally and carefully cut the square pieces of the sheet. From sheet A4 you get 4 squares with sides of 10.4 cm and one square with a side of 8.7 cm.

Next, make origami with your students according to the schemes (photos).

Step 5: Making the Title and Plates

You need: white and colored paper, scissors, glue, ribbon, felt-tip pens, ruler, origami.

Cut out paper flags for the title and glue them to the ribbon.

Cut out pieces of paper for numbers and glue them (like paper beads).

Make plates for names of students and months.

Write on the flags the title of your board: "CLASS BIRTHDAYS" (one letter on each flag).

Write the names of students on the plates. Stick the nameplates to the origami.

Step 6: Attaching to the Branches

Glue the nameplates to the origami.

Distribute the origami figures by months and string them on ribbons with numbers (birth date). Glue the ribbons to the plates of months.

Glue the plates of months with the origami figures to the branches.

Tie the ribbon with the title to the branches.

Step 7: Hang Your Origami Classroom Birthday Board and Enjoy With Your Students the Work Done

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