Introduction: Origami Dragonfly

Heres how to fold an Origami Dragonfly.

Step 1: Start With Paper Facing Up, and Fold Diagonally in Both Directions.

Step 2: Turn Over and Fold in Half Both Ways.

Step 3: Fold Into Square Base

Step 4: Fold Both Sides of Top Layer to Middle, Then Fold Down Top. Unfold.

Step 5: Repeat on Other Side.

Step 6: Open Top Layer, Unfold, and Flatten. Repeat on Other Side. Correct Orientation.

Step 7: Fold to Flaps on Bottom to Middle, Repeat on Other Side and Unfold Only on Other Side.

Step 8: On Unfolded Side, Fold Top Flap Up. Flip Over.

Step 9: Fold the Top Flaps Down So They Align With the Triangle on the Other Flap.

Step 10: Open the Top Flap, Open, and Flatten It at Your Preferred Angle. Repeat on Other Flap and Flip Model Over.

Step 11: Fold Tip Down a Little Bit Past Shown Crease.

Step 12: Fold the Top Sides in to Engulf the Just Folded Tip.

You will encounter some resistance from the wing, but keep going and flatten as best as possible.

Step 13: Fold Up the Tiny Tip of the Corner (if You Have One), and It Can Act As a Way to Hold the Model.

Step 14: Enjoy Your Dragonfly!