Origami Golden Snitch (or a Box With Wings, Whatever You Want to Call It)




Introduction: Origami Golden Snitch (or a Box With Wings, Whatever You Want to Call It)

Ok, so I was on the web, lookin at Harry Potter stuff (as always) when I found this! So, this is not my creation, but it is fairly easy, and fun.

P.S. My camera broke, so my paint pics is all ya got!!

P.P.S This is my 1st Instructable, so be gentile!:D


Step 1: Making the Triangle

Ok, first, get a square piece of paper.

Fold the top-right corner diagonally down to the bottom-left. Unfold

Repeat on the top-left corner. Unfold.

Now, flip the paper square over, so that the folds come up at you. Fold the top part of the square down, so that it is a rectangle. Unfold.

Now, hold the square with the diagonal folds making an X in front of you with your middle finger on the middle of the backside of the paper. push the middle of the paper towards you and push the horisontal folds in and collapse, making a triangle.

(The Pics are kinda out of order, so the second pic should be first. The first pic should be second. The fourth pic should be third, and the fifth pic should be fourth. The third pic is how it should look when it's done)

Step 2: Making the Body

ok, so take the front-right-bottom corner and fold it up and to the middle. repeat for the left, and also the back ones.

once done that, take the front-right part of the diamond and fold to the middle. (Kinda hard to explain, look at pics) Repeat for the other three parts.Unfold the last step, but keep the diamond shape.

(again, pics out of order.)

Step 3: Making the Wings

ok, so now take the more open end of the diamond and point it towards the floor. Unfold the right-front part of the diamond so it is a half of a triangle. now you should see a triangle inside a bigger triangle.Fold the upper part of the triangle over to the left.(see pic)

Now fold it down so you can see sort of a wonky rectangle (see pic again).

Then, you finally fold it over to the right, so it makes.....A WING!!!

Repeat with the other three wings.
(AGAIN!!!! pics are mixed up. 3rd should be 1st. 2nd is in the right place. 1st should be 3rd, and 4th is in the right place.)

Step 4: BLOWING!!!!!!!!!! (the Legal Kind)

ok, now all you have to do is fond the little opening at the top and blow in it until is forms the shape of a box. AND THAT'S IT!!!!!!

Now you have your very own snitch!!

(Please comment if i am too confusing)

(well, comment anyway)

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    For anyone having trouble following the instructions: Steps 1,2, and 4 are straight from the classic origami balloon. Step 3 largely follows creases made in steps 1 and 2. much less confusing when you have the paper in front of you. A few arrows in the drawings showing what is being folded in which direction might help.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    I believe it's an innuendo, he's underage.