Introduction: Origami Kids Fortune Teller

Cool paper toy to pass the time and predict the future

Step 1: Step ONE

All you will need is a square paper

First fold your paper in half, and than half again. Crease well and than open up your page

Step 2: Step TWO

Take all four corners and fold them into the middle. All of the edges should meet and all of the tips should meet in the middle. Once you have done that flip over the paper. When its flipped over you should be able to identify four triangles. In each triangle write two fortunes. Use your imagination. Here is an example, you will have a different car for everyday of the week.

Step 3: Step Three: Almost Finished

Do the same thing as the last step except this time on the backside. That will produce four triangles and each one will have two triangle inside it. On the smaller triangles write a number. Once you have accomplished that fold the paper in half down the middle. On either side there should be four squares. On each square right a color name or draw it on

Step 4: Finished

Slide your fingers under the squares you just labeled and than pinch in to give your fourteen teller a 3D shape. Thats it. Thanks for reading if you have any questions please leave a comment

Here is a link that explains how to play

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