Introduction: Origami: Lily Tulip Flower

You need a 8.5x11 piece of paper.  Cut into a square, but SAVE the long strip.  
You can spray some perfume into the flower at the end to make your origami lily have a nice scent.

1.  Fold diagonal two edges, then fold in.
2. Fold each leaf inward on both edges.  do on all four leaves. 
3. You will have a diamond shape.

4. fold lower edge lengthwise on both right and left sides.  repeat for all four leaves. 
5. you now have a slim diamond
6. use a pencil to roll the petals outwards. repeat on all four petals.

7. take the long strip and roll it tightly and diagonally so you have a long stick
8. tie into a knot on one end
9. poke the stick through the flower and give the stem a bend

10. spray perfume into the flower.  
11. give to a loved one.
12. enjoy reaction

13. Repeat