Introduction: Origami Spooky Hand

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So you want to make a Halloween props but lack money this Halloween?.

Just Grab a piece of paper and that's all you need to make the spooky hand.

Step 1: The Folding: Part 1

In the piece of paper make a diagonal fold like shown above in the first picture, and fold it in half, then it will look like the next picture as shown above.

Fold it in a triangular shape like shown, fold it again, and again as shown in the following pictures, until you have four sides on the first end and one on the other

Step 2: The Folding: Part 2

After you've got your folding in part 1, do this folding in this part as shown in the pictures above,

after you've done with the folding in front it's time to go to the back side of the paper, and start folding it into the reference crease, and fold the top part into the reference crease as shown, until you've got this wavy look in the last picture shown

Step 3: The Folding: Part 3

Now you've got you wavy looked paper and the four ends at one end and one end on the other.

and now let's do the fingers, first fold the triangle below the tip as shown in the picture and fold it like the folds you've made and squeeze it,

then pull out the thumb and separate all other fingers as shown and fold the tip of each finger downwards,

for the fingers squeeze one finger and press it down using your other finger, to make it curve and looks like a hand, do it all on the other fingers and you've got yourself and hand of your own.

And most importantly, do your best because a hand is at stake.

Happy Halloweens!

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