Introduction: Origami Sword

Hello everyone! What I have for you today is a really cool toy made out of paper! It is easy to make and fun to play with.

Each step has a few images to help you understand what to do.

so, are you ready to start?

Step 1: Blade

  • Take one A4 page and fold it from side to the other
  • Repeat this action 3 times
  • Use a tape to close the open side
  • Then draw the sharp edge
  • Cut it with scissors
  • Close it with some tape

Step 2: Grip

  • First, take one A4 page and roll it to form some kind of a stick

  • Use some tape to glue it so it will stay as a stickThen, put it in the blade, but leave some of it outside

  • After that, take another A4 page and cut to two long pieces of paper

  • Then, take one of them and fold to the width of the handle that you want

  • Now continue folding untill there is nothing left to fold

  • Again, use some tape to make sure it will stay as it is now. this is your handle

  • Now put your handle on the sitck

Step 3: Cross Guard

  • First, take the piece of paper that you have saved erlier
  • Then, fold it to a ractangle in the size you want your cross guard to be and secure it with some tape
  • Now, draw a rhombus in the middle of the rectangleAfter that, put it on the grip
  • Then, use some tape to secure the cross guard
  • After that, cut your cross guard to an ellipse, and once again secure it with tape

Congratulations, you have made a paper sword!!!

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