Original Design Curtain With Leaves

Introduction: Original Design Curtain With Leaves

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These leaves were cutouts from remnants of another set of curtains. Using those, and adding some creativity, I was able to make a set of matching curtains for my bedroom that hung over my dormer windows over my chase lounger.

Step 1: Hem Store Bought Curtains and Save Remnant

This is the set of curtains that I purchased for the one window. They were too long and hung way passed the bottom edge of the window frame. After I hemmed them, I had quite of bit of fabric left over. The design looks abstract and geometric. Those are actually leaves on a gray-blue background.

Step 2: Measure Window Width and Height

Here is the dormer window for which the new set of curtains will hang. I measured the dimensions. I took the remnant to the fabric store so I can find a linen that will correctly match the color of the interior of the leaf.

Step 3: Iron and Sew Side Edging

I find if I iron first, then it is easier to sew these thin seams on the side. I keep this at about 1/4".

Step 4: Iron and Sew Top and Bottom Hem

I cut each panel to height of the window plus extra 5" for the bottom hem and 4" extra for the top hem. I ironed each hem as to make it easier to sew. Each hem gets top stitching right along the edge and on the inner fold.

Step 5: Fun Part - Lay Out the Leave Design

I cut out each of the individual whole leaves from the remnant and randomly put them on the panels so they look like falling leaves. Once I was happy with their positions, I pinned them down and back to the sewing machines. Each leaf is sew like an applique. The setting is zigzag at as wide as possible and the stitch length at minimal.

Step 6: Putting on the Curtain Rivets

This was the first time I had ever used these and I was impressed at how easy it was. I bought them at Joann's. It comes with a circle template. Just make sure you line up the center of your circles and space these out evenly. Cut out the holes and snap them into place.

Step 7: Hang Them Up

TADA! All done. A nice complimentary set of curtains.

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