Introduction: Osterfeuer to Go

At Easter there is a tradition of the "Osterfeuer" (Easter Fire) in Germany. The tradition is a link between the church and the pagan spring festivals. Four fires are lit in our city. In addition, (almost) every village has its own.

Waving the torch is also a part of the traditon. You can see it here:

The Osterfeuer are big, really big. The tree (cross) in the middle is over 30 meters tall, the bundles of wood are often 15-20 meters high. Here is a picture of it: Here: The cross from the tree symbolizes Judas, the traitor who is to be punished.

Due the pandamic, no Osterfeuer may be made this year, because there are always a lot of people there. But of course, we don't want to do without this old tradition. That is why I make "Osterfeuer to go" that can be lit at home (of course not in the house, only outside!)

Step 1: Material

You need

Egg cartons

twigs / branches




Step 2: Egg Cartons

Cut the egg carton (six eggs) in half and glue half of the lid underneath.

This makes the whole thing more stable and there are four outer walls again.

Step 3: The Cross

The cross is made from two thick branches.

Lay the branches on top of each other and secure them with a piece of yarn.

Then put the cross in the middle of the egg cartons. Maybe the hole needs to be a little bigger. If it is too big, you can also glue the cross into it.

Step 4: Bundles

Cut the thinner twigs into pieces about five centimeters long. About six / seven pieces are tied together with the tread. Spread these bundles around the cross into the egg cartons.

And already you have your own Osterfeuer (Easter fire).

My "Osterfeuer to go" are gifts for my familie and friends, because we can't see each other (Corona sucks). I hope they send me pictures of them burning.

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