Introduction: How to Assemble Your Own Beautiful Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

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I have designed many different Ostrich Feather Centerpieces. They are very easy to assemble. Feather centerpieces are very versatile and customizable, and make stunning centerpieces for any event!


Step 1: Insert Your Feathers One at a Time Into the Foam Bouquet Holder.

I recommend using around 20-25 drabs for each centerpiece, or 10-15 of the large plumes in any color. You can use extra if you want a fuller and more stunning centerpiece. Start at the bottom and move upward around your holder, spacing out the feathers somewhat evenly until you reach the top.

Step 2: Place the Handle of Your Foam Bouquet Holder Down Into Your Vase.

The handle fits very nicely down into the eiffel tower vase. Or if you are using a trumpet vase, the feathers will hold the top in place. The ideal size for your vase for a table centerpiece is 24 or 28 inches, so that you do not obstruct the view of your guests.

Step 3: Accessorize

Customize your centerpiece especially for your event! Use Floralytes in your color choice to light your centerpiece. Place water beads or other vase filler inside your vase to complete your look!

Step 4: Display

For a very elegant look, I like to showcase each centerpiece on a tabletop mirror surrounded with diamond confetti.