Out of Control Spoons

Introduction: Out of Control Spoons

The purpose of making my ''Out Of Control Spoons'' is because
I always want a different taste so that's how i came up with
''Out Of Control Spoons''

Step 1: Supplies Needed

-Spoons (veriaty) plastic or metal
      -milk choclate chips or bar
      -white choclate chips or bar
      -penut butter choclate chips
      -cookies and cream choclate
      -dark choclate chips or bar
      -Candy Canes

Step 2: Steps for Out of Control Spoons

1: First thing is you pick out you chocolate for your spoon.

Step 3:

2:get the spoon you would like for a party i would pick plastic so you don't have to do dishes.

Step 4:

3:have some wax paper laid on the table, now you would dip the spoons in the chocolate and let the first layer dry on the wax paper.

Step 5:

4:while still wet pick your topping of your choice and sprinkle on your spoon.

Step 6:

5:once you have put your topping on your spoon and let it dry you may want to put another layer of chocolate on it. 

Step 7:

6:now you want to put a bag over them or put them on a plate to look nice.

Step 8:

These out of controlled spoons are something for the whole family. There good for parties and friends, something you could try is mixing it up make ones with different types of chocolate or toppings you could do a theme for the season too! Be careful and don't microwave the chocolate chips or chocolate bar for to long. The faster you go the faster you can have them finished.  ENJOY!!!   :)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    out of control spoons are beast. I wish i had a hundred to eat right now.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    like a candybar on a stick ! what a great idea !