Introduction: Outdoor Ambience Lighting

About: I like building things with wood, while during the process not chopping off any fingers.

Using what I had left around the house from a previous project. I created some outdoor lighting Ambiance with a table on top to place drinks and whatnot.

Step 1: Framework

I measured the shutters doors and cut them to the size that I wanted them to be to make a four-sided frame. I adhered them together with wood glue and wood screws

Step 2: Table Top

Next I took some Old Redwood planks that I had laying around, measured them to the size of the top of the shutter door frame, and cut them. I used wood glue and screws to screw them down to create a nice table top

Step 3: Sand & Stain

I sanded them using a fine grit sandpaper to give it a rough finish and then I used golden pecan wood stain to stain both the frame and the top. I let it cook in the Sun for 4 hours.

Step 4: Light

I had an old lamp that I just stuck underneath the frame and turned on. it creates a nice light for the area on my patio.

Step 5: Inspiration

I always give credit where credit is due. I got this idea from somebody who had done something similar to shutter doors for inside off of Pinterest.