Introduction: Outdoor Shelf Made From Election Signs

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Using a discarded Election sign and frame to make an outside plant shelf, for hardening off plants before they get planted in planters.


My neighbour was throwing out their election sign from last Falls election, I asked if I could have it, they said yes. The sign is made out of two 48 inch by 32 inch pieces of coroplast ( a sturdy weather resistant plastic) The frame for the sign was made out of four 2 inch by 2 inch by 44 inch long spruce.

A power drill, hand saw, screws, tape measure, pocket knife, marker and end pieces from an old planting shelf.

Step 1: Construction

I disassembled the frame, cut off the pointy parts of the frame that were made to stick the sign in the ground

Attached the four frame boards to the existing ends of the old planting shelf ends.

Cut the sign length wise in half.

Placed half of the sign on top of the frame, screwed in place with a screw in each corner.

The lower shelf had to be modified a bit to fit properly. I put one end of lower shelf against the shelf ends and marked it on the inside. Cut it with the knife, marked other end and cut a s well. Lower shelf fits perfectly. Fastened lower shelf with screws.

Step 2: Put Shelf on the Deck

I put the shelf on the deck and loaded with plants for a photo op.

Step 3: We Now Have a Shelf for Hardening Off Plants

The plants that have been growing inside for the past two months now have a place in the daytime to sit, they are brought in at night, until the last chance of Frost is done.

I was glad I found a use for this sign which would have probably ended up in the landfill.

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