Outdoor Side Table With Storage

Introduction: Outdoor Side Table With Storage

Goes great with the outdoor storage bench project I have published. Intent was for a matching side table to go with that bench, but you can build this on its own too

Step 1: Make the Legs

All you need for this entire build is 1x6 cedar boards, stain, circular saw, wire mesh, 2 small hinges, and screws (small 3/4 inch truss head and 1.25 inch drive head screws)

To start, cut 4, 16 inch cedar boards. Then rip those 4 boards at a 45 degree miter. Now you have 8 pieces at 16 inch height. Glue the mitered edges, so you end up with 4 legs. ( optional) Strengthen by countersinking a couple screws into each leg, and fill holes with wood putty. See picture of a leg.

Step 2: Form Table

Cut 8, 19 inch length boards. This forms the "box". Measure a starting point at bottom of each leg, roughly 3 inches from bottom. Mark a line with pencil, and use line to ensure side boards are even all around. Drill pilot holes then use screws to secure to each leg (preferably from inside of table out, so you don't have holes to putty later).

Step 3: Wire Mesh Bottom

Cut to length small 1 inch strips of cedar, and secure to bottom of "box" with screws. Then cut a piece of wire mesh to size, and secure to strips with small truss head screws. See pic

Step 4: Build Table Top

Cut 3, 19 inch boards. Align vertically, space evenly. Then cut and secure three horizontal support strips. Secure with screws. See picture. Note that I purposely aligned back horizontal support strip so that it tightly closes against back "box" side board when shut

Step 5: Secure Top With Hinges

Using two small hinges, secure table top as pictured. Stain the table and your done

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