Introduction: Over Shoulder Water Bottle Carrier

When you go outside to do any kind of exercise, the one thing you need most is water. If you carry the bottle in your hands, you're more apt to leave it behind as I have... several times. I've seen carriers like this in the store, but I can never find anything like this that will hang right on me. So I decided to make one.

Step 1: Materials

The water bottle you want to use

Old T-shirt


That's it!

Step 2: Cutting Part 1

The great thing about this carrier is that it is entirely NO-SEW and you get to recycle. Start in the middle and cut a strip that would fit around the bottle from BOTH layers of the T-shirt longer than the height of the bottle.

Step 3: Cutting Part 2

On the top layer, cut at an angle toward the other side and cut in a spiral to have a uniform width for the strap. Do the same for the other side so that it looks like the picture and cut the straps long and similar lengths.

Step 4: Cutting the Sides

Lay the bottle on top of the piece in the position like the photo and cut a fringe on both sides. TRY TO MAKE THEM MATCH! Same number on both sides, same length, same width.

Step 5: Tying

Pull each strip so it curls, then tie one side to the other on the first two at the bottom. Slide it over the bottle then tie the other strips securely but not too tightly around the bottle. If the shirt had graphics that you don’t want seen, put that on the inside before you start knotting anything.

Step 6: Finishing

Trim the excess off the top. Pull the straps until they curl, then tie the ends with a tight knot.

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