Over the Shoulder Action Camera Mount

Introduction: Over the Shoulder Action Camera Mount

Rigid camera mount giving you cool third-person views like in GTA game.

Step 1: Supplies & Tools


  • 2.5 meters of Ø 20 mm aluminum pipe
  • 6 × 90⁰ Ø 20 mm PP (polypropylene) elbows
  • 5 × Tee Ø 20 mm PP connectors
  • 1 × Ø 20 mm PP cap
  • 23 × 35 mm M3 screws
  • 46 × M3 nuts
  • 46 × M3 washers
  • 1 × 1×¼" screw
  • 1 × ¼ nut


  • Safety glasses
  • Work gloves
  • Pipecutter
  • Ø 20 mm Forstner drill bit
  • Ø 3.5 mm drill bit for metals
  • Ø 7 mm (~¼") drill bit
  • Drill
  • Spanners and screwdrivers for nuts and screws

Step 2: Preparations

Clean the PP fittings of any stickers and marks using nail polish remover or solvent.

Drill a hole in the PP cap and place ¼" screw in it. Tighten the nut till secured.

Cut the pipe into peaces:

  • 1 × 500 mm (shaft)
  • 1 × 365 mm (support)
  • 2 × 300 mm (frame)
  • 2 × 100 mm (frame)
  • 1 × 269 mm (support)
  • 1 × 265 mm (support)

Use the Forstner drill bit to increase the inner diameter of all the fittings to Ø 20 mm so the aluminium pipe can be inserted.

Step 3: Assembly

Assemble the structure to make sure everything fits good. You may need to tune some or even all pipe segments. Drill 3 mm holes in the fittings and pipes, so they can be screwed together. You may need to partially disassemble the mount to be able to drill. After the holes are done shake out the sawdust. Be careful with the drilling, don't apply any off-axial forces to the bit. I broke mine exactly on the last hole due to a hurry. Finally, re-assemble the mount and tighten it with the screws and nuts. I put two nuts on each screw to secure them of vibrations. And don't forget the washers.

Mount the camera on the ¼" screw in the cap on the top of the shaft. Use some straps to place the mount on you back.

You are ready to go!

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    Question 10 months ago

    How did you make it "wearable"? did you make a special backing with fabric or something? Because I seriously can't tell from the photo's.

    Answer 10 months ago

    I used a 25-30 mm nylon webbing to create backpack-like straps.


    Reply 10 months ago

    Oh, i didn't think of that.. My head was overthinking when i saw that. thanks though! that really helps me!


    Question 1 year ago

    Have you shot anything with the rig yet? Would love to see a video in this ible :D


    Answer 1 year ago

    Not yet. Waiting for the snow to take some shots from snowboard.