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For a much more pleasant viewing experience please visit my Instructables at the link below on my profile. It says the same things but formatted better. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Here is a link to a video of PAL Bots functions. Just copy it then past it in the search bar: ************************************************************************************************************************************************Meet PAL Bot, the Personal Assisted Living Robot. PAL Bot's mission is to give those who require the supportive care provided by a retirement home, but who do not wish to move to one, the option to stay where they want. PAL Bot allows people to maintain their independence while still making sure they are safe and sound. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Features: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ PAL Bot can be given whatever name you want and it will respond to it. PAL Bot Acts as a walker to assist people who may have trouble maintaining balance on their own. PAL Bot has large rubberized tracks for traversing any type of terrain. PAL Bot features a headlight for navigation at night or in dark spaces. Stair Climbing capability allows PAL Bot to go up curbs and stairs, and over roots. Built in seat provides relief from standing whenever necessary. PAL Bot features handles built into its sides to assist with sitting up and sitting down. Slide-out bag hooks carry groceries, a purse, etc. Large capacity dispenser stores and administers pills. PAL Bot monitors vitals via a necklace worn by the user. PAL Bot employs smoke and heat sensors to monitor the environment. PAL Bot's six-axis arm with modular attachments is useful for retrieving objects, turning off and on lights, etc. Two lifting forks move boxes, other large objects, and in an emergency, people. Two 20 inch screens allow for video calls, watching television or interacting with PAL Bot. Also there is a projector for projecting movies, etc. PAL Bot is able to make phone and video calls and in an emergency can call 911, provide location information and say what the problem is. PAL Bot features an artificial intelligence equipped with machine learning capabilities, allowing it to build maps of spaces it is in often and over time learn to identify basic objects. PAL Bot can connect to the internet to display, read or watch the news, shop online or visit websites. For power PAL Bot is equipped with high density Lithium Polymer batteries. PAL Bot interfaces with other elements of a smart home. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ HOW IT WORKS - Modes and Mobility: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Modes are controlled by the three large tactile buttons on the top of PAL Bot. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Walker Mode: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ While in walker mode, PAL Bot uses a rangefinder in between its handles and pressure sensors in the handles to determine when, how fast and in what direction to move. Take for example someone wanting to walk forward while using PAL Bot. As the person begins to move, PAL Bot will sense their body moving closer via the rangefinder, PAL Bot will then measure the forces applied to each handle. If the forward force applied to the right handle is stronger than that applied to the left PAL Bot will turn left. If the forces are roughly equal PAL Bot will roll forward and if they are higher on the left than the right PAL Bot will turn right. The same principle of range finding and force measurement would apply for going backward as well. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Follow Me Mode: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ When In Follow Me mode, PAL Bot will track a radio signal emitted by the same necklace that monitors the user's vitals along with using computer vision to keep track of and follow the user through most environments. To avoid obstacles in its path PAL Bot will use a system of laser rangefinders and cameras positioned at human foot and waist hights. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Autonomous Mode: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Autonomous mode is best for when PAL Bot is at home or in another space it has built a map of. When in autonomous mode PAL Bot uses its full sensor suite to navigate the space while responding to voice commands such as "PAL Bot will you get my copy of A Brief History of Time from the bookshelf?". ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Stair Climbing Mode: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ If PAL bot encounters stairs it will enter stair climbing mode. To convert to stair climbing mode, the normally vertical front tracks rotate down and match the angle of the stairs. This then effectively turns the stairs into a ramp allowing PAL Bot to climb the stairs. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Seat Mode: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ In seat mode, PAL bot locks its wheels and tracks to remain stationary. The user can then pull down two seat bars on the back face of PAL Bot. The user then takes the rod on the side of the left seat bar and pulls it over toward the right side where it locks into a slot. The seat is now complete and ready to be sat on. To put away the seat, the user lifts the bar back out of the right seat bar and springs in the left seat bar reel the fabric back in after which the user can raise back up the seat bars and PAL Bot unlocks its wheels and tracks. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Medical: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ For PAL Bot to be an effective caregiver, it must know the vitals of the user. To achieve this PAL Bot would communicate with a necklace worn by the user that would track heart rate, dissolved oxygen levels, temperature and other factors. PAL Bot can then use this information to decide if everything is good or if there are any problems that need to be addressed. If PAL Bot senses something out of ordinary, PAL Bot has the capability to call 911. In the event of a Heart Attack or similar problem, PAL Bot will call 911 then proceed to call a 24-hour task center. At this task center, a technician would receive the call. The technician would then remotely take control of PAL Bots robotic arm and use the onboard AED to attempt to resuscitate the patient while emergency services are on their way. To afford the technician a better view, the screen would deploy from the top and tilt over to position the camera on the front of the screen in such a way that it could have a clear overhead view of the patient. PAL Bot has modular expansion ports that could house an oxygen supply for patients who need oxygen or a blood sugar tester and insulin injector for diabetic patients. PAL Bot also has the capability to administer pills on a timed basis. Every few weeks a trusted person will come and fill the tray that holds the pills. PAL Bot can then be programmed or read from the prescription to determine when and in what quantity to administer medicine. PAL Bot then dispenses the pills in the right dosage at the correct time and provides water with the pills. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Safety: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Safety is a key point as people get older. As we age occasionally our memory will fail us and we will leave the stove on or forget to lock the door. PAL Bot is equipped to address these issues. PAL Bot has visible light, infrared light, and night vision capable cameras. This allows PAL Bot to know the environment and what's in it no matter the conditions. Take the example of forgetting to turn the stove off. PAL Bot would see this and note that there was nothing on the stove. PAL Bot would then analyze the situation to see if the pot had just been removed and the stove was about to be turned off or if it had been genuinely forgotten. If PAL Bot determined it had been forgotten then PAL Bot can remind the user to turn it off, turn it off itself or interface with the stove to turn it off if the stove is a smart stove. PAL Bot also has the capability to sense smoke and other hazards such as a home invader and call 911 if it is necessary. PAL Bot would allow family members to check in on their relative giving them peace of mind in knowing that they are safe. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Social: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ A significant problem with the older population is that as they age they can begin to feel more distant from their friends, their community and sometimes their family. This can have a negative effect on people, causing depression and anxiety. PAL Bot is equipped to handle this via a system called mood intervention. If PAL Bot determines that the user is feeling bored, depressed or in anyway down and it determines this is not due to a physical medical problem, there are a few things it can do. The first thing is to prompt engagement by offering to call friends or family. If the user does not want to do that, PAL Bot could suggest places to go or things to do such as taking a walk, going to a museum or watching an episode of their favorite show. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ General Personal Assistant Tasks: ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Finally, PAL Bot can serve as a general personal assistant. The foldout lifting forks allow PAL Bot to assist in moving objects around the house or into the car. PAL Bot can take notes to help remember things or play games such as trivia. PAL Bot can retrieve objects from around the house like books and blankets using its 6 axis arm. PAL Bot could project a movie for the user and friends to watch or run a game of Jeopardy. PAL Bot could text and email people, play music or read a book, all with the goal of giving independence to those who do not wish to be confined to a retirement home. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ I have been working on this design since the contest opened. Thank you for taking the time to check it out.

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