Introduction: PAPER LAMP

Hai I am Manushree.S from kaggalipura, kanakapura main road.

I searched this paper lamp through the google,then I get some ideas to make this paper lamp I like to made this for the purpose of make my sisters baby happiness also improve my knowledge and I got some good experienced movement in this period.

Step 1: Materials Requiers

I am going to do PAPER LAMP

Firstly take the tools which are all requires for making the thing,




4.colour paper

5.cord board sheet and


Step 2: Shape of the Paper

First take some set of color paper then draw half circle on it then cut it into that shape(as shown in the image)

Step 3: Paste the Papers

Take one cord board sheet as shown in the image and paste the semi circled cut sheets on it.

Step 4: Appling the Red Tape

Paste the edges of the cord board sheet and apply the red tape upon the top of the lamp

Step 5: Appling the Coloe Paper

Take another one colour paper cut it like as shown above, and paste it at the bottom side .

Step 6: Tagged the Thread

tag the thread top of the lamp

Step 7: Finishing of the Paper Lamp

Now the paper lamp is finished.