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Introduction: PCB Board Holder in 20 Minutes

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This is a simple but effective design that is a real help in assembling and soldering PCBs.

Step 1: What You Will Need

The idea of this Instructable is to demonstrate what you can put together quickly from easily available parts.
I used a piece of scrap wood as the base.
Two of the rear covers from a PC ( I have dozens of these and always thought they might be useful one day)
A few parts from a cheap constructor set or Meccano ( mine came from two kids sets that I bought in a pound shop)
Some clips ( mine are again from the Dollar store or Pound shop and came in a set of 10)

A few wood screws and a screwdriver should be enough to do the whole project.
Start by screwing down the PC covers spaced the width of your PCB apart.

Step 2: Clip Assembly

I simply bolted the clips onto the arms using the right angle pieces.
You could just as easily use Bulldog clips.

Step 3: Mount the Arms

Using the photo as a guide bolt together the arms, the cross pieces into the supports.

Step 4: Check Spacing

I used a plastic spacer that was in the toy pack as a friction mount.

Step 5: Ready to Use

Just clip your PCB in place.

Step 6: Ready to Roll

Your PCB can now be easily flipped so that you can mount components then turn it to solder.

Step 7: Soldering On

This really is a huge help when soldering.
I hope you can adapt this simple design to your own available parts.
Soldering becomes much easier when everything is securely held in place.


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    5 years ago

    I haven't found clips like that anywhere! Where did you get them? (Bulldog or crocodile clips aren't my thing). Thanks!!


    Reply 5 years ago

    If you search Amazon or eBay using the description in my instructable you should find them. They are used for electric racing cars and are often referred to as Tamiya battery connectors. One of the replies to this thread says that there are better ones and so maybe you will find those.


    Reply 5 years ago

    OOPS Very sorry
    I just noticed that I replied to the wrong question here...my apologies.
    However, most of my wrong reply still applies...
    The clips were obtained from my local Poundshop (Dollar store) and were in the garden section.
    I know that they are generally available online via eBay and Amazon if you search for 'plant clips'.