PCB Making Using Photoresist Paint and UV




Introduction: PCB Making Using Photoresist Paint and UV

How to make a quality PCB

I apologize for the photos of low resolution,

The home of two PRO camera. Both of the cameras my family had taken out of town

pcb preparation consists of several stages:

1. Prepare a PC program with EAGLE, Sprint-Layout, Proteus 8 Professional or any other kind of acceptable program
2.Print a printed file Print Screen Color Separation & Film Print for PCB

3.PCB Circuit Board Single / Double cut on size and cleaning

4.Draw the paint on it with Silk Screen Printing Mesh

5.It can be over 65 degrees, 25 minutes

6.Transparent paper Put the already dry PCB

7.UW Irradiate light 1 minute

8.Then place the iron (III) chloride FeCl3

Step 1: Prepare a PC Program With EAGLE, Sprint-Layout,

The Sprint-Layout work just because of beauty

It's easy to find other programs

Step 2: Print a Printed File Print Screen Color Separation & Film Print for PCB

In the nearest Print Center print a transprent paper PCB board
I cut it and inserted it to the other side of the panel

Its easy to fix with Soldering Iron

Step 3: PCB Circuit Board Single / Double Cut on Size and Cleaning

Step 4: Draw the Paint on It With Silk Screen Printing Mesh

PCB Circuit Board Double Sided Copper with clean alcohol

Step 5: It Can Be Over 65 Degrees, 25 Minutes

You can use all the ropes that control the temperature

The microwave does not work

Step 6: UV Irradiate Light 1 Minute

Wash with sodium hydroxide

Warning: Sodium hydroxide Harmful to health

Step 7: Then Place the Iron (III) Chloride FeCl

I'll try to provide you with more quality photos

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    3 years ago

    looks great \m/


    4 years ago

    Nice pcb..how do you remove paint on solder pad?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Once again, PCB sodium hydroxide should be removed, all the paint is removed
    After that it is painted again
    To the right of the photo to transprent it should be used and again UV Irradiate Light 1 Minute
    You must repeat the procedure
    In this case I stopped because I liked the PCB because I had to light up the lights
    Now I'll have to get rid of it by mechanical intervention :)
    We will offer you complete instructions soon