Introduction: POV GLOBE With Animations

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Hi Makers,

Today I will tell you about a new project. POV Globe. Persistence of vision. A quick intro to POV or persistence of vision: Any AC voltage light is actually blinking on and off at a frequency of 60hz or 60 times per second. Our brains perceive this as constant light. It is this concept which we will be taking advantage of, in order to create a spherical image using a single row of LEDs. We used 58 led for each half. So you need totaly 116 leds. And will use a 3D printer for circle. You will find details on video.

Step 1: Equipments

This project has some materials as electronic and 3d parts.

List of;

- Arduino Mega

- WS2822 Adressable Led

- Proximity Sensor

- 608zz Bearings

- DC Motor

- 3D Parts

Step 2: LED Strip Assembly

We assemble led connections. We have two part led strip. All 5 V ,GND and DATAs will be together. You will see details on pic.

Step 3: 3D Parts Assemble

And now assembling 3D parts. Our circle made of 4 quarters parts. So you can see in pics. a half of circle has a 58 Leds as right and left.

And we use a system non cable for power. AS you can see in last pics, We are touch with a metal parts to power.

Step 4: Wood Supporting Assemple

as you can see we built a support with woods.

Step 5:

we continue to built supporting. Firstly we assemble power parts. and than DC motor connection.

Step 6: Let's Play

and results...