Introduction: PPF (Paper Pocket Frisbee)

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Bored? Got a group of friends? Got a pad of sticky notes? Well here's your solution! This little frisbee can keep you entertained, it's easy to make, fun to use, and best of all it fits in you pocket!

Step 1: Materials

1. 1 pad of sticky notes -any color.

Step 2: The First Fold

Take one sticky note and fold it in half (in the middle of the sticky part).

Step 3: The Second Fold

Now fold the top right corner to the bottom of the stick note.

Step 4: Unfold

Unfold the sticky note and then fold the other two points into the middle. The sticky part will hold down the flaps 

Step 5: Fold in Half Again

Now fold it in half again, then fold it back (it makes things easier).

Step 6: Finish Piece

Fold the right center edge in.

Step 7: Repeat

Now make 7 more of these, following steps 1 through 6, for a total of 8.

Step 8: Putting the Pieces Together

Now take two of the pieces, and put the point in the fold of the other

Step 9:

Now fold the points into the fold of the other locking them in place

Step 10: Repeat This With All 8 Pieces

Once you have put them all together flatten it out to make sure it flies straight.

Step 11: Transformer?

You can also push together opposite sides and turn it into a razor! (CAUTION POINTS ARE SHARP!)
This form does not fly as well but it looks really cool.

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