Hi. This Instr. is about to make a ”holder” for both the ”reed-switch” and the ”tilt-switch”.
To make these ”holders”, all started when I got these switches AND I KNEW they are ”wery” fragile to brake when bending them leads. Still, the wery first I bended and tryed to be ”weeeery..” careful, and yes, you guessed right: I broke the glass. Hmm…. Try to protect them somehow?

Well, put them in a some kind of a plastic tube and hot-glue them ends.

Step 1:

Didn’t have any plastic tube. Ahaa.. use the the outer insulation plastic core from some kind of a cable. And there it was: a coaxial cable. I had two kind of coax, one with a outer diam. 4.7mm for the reed-switch and one with a outer diam. 6.7mm for the tilt-switch
What more is there to explane? With a suitable lenght from the end, make a cut around the plastic core and pry it off. Make the length to be appr. 20mm longer than the switch body because when we hot-glue the ends we want a part of the leads to be cowered with glue. Thats the point with this whole idea. The glue holds the leads in place, thus preventing the glass to be broken.

NOTE: Try to be careful anyway when bending the leads

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    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    3 years ago

    Good idea for protecting the glass/metal bond on the switches! Thank you for sharing it :-)