Introduction: PS3 Controller Holder

If you have a problem with falling PS3 remotes, than this is your solution

Step 1: Materials

a dark wood

a light wood

router table


disk sander, vertical spindle sander,sand paper

set square

CNC machine

sand paper

preferred finish


band saw

Step 2: Step 1: Cutting to Size

Using a dark wood like a jarrah, cut to a length of 120mm, a width of 50mm and a height of 19mm. Make sure you use the set square so the edges are square.

Step 3: Step 2: Cutting the Notch

on the base of the project, mark 25mm away from each side. The inside measurement should be 70mm. Then using a mill, cut out that notch so it's 6mm deep. Make sure you cut 5mm away from the line. Then, using a vertical spindle sander, sand the 5 mm's of wood with a small sanding cylinder. the edge of the notch should be round like the image.

Step 4: Step 3: Marking Up the Trench

From 40mm away from the edge on the top side of the project, and 5mm from each other side, mark up 6mm wide lines and 40mm long lines.

Step 5: Step 4: Milling Out the Trench

With a 6mm thick milling piece, cut out the trenches carefully. Before cutting make sure the wood is level. If there is splinters of wood, use the sand paper or the disk sander.

Step 6: Step 5: C&C Ing the Uprights

With a c&c machine friendly cad drawing device, draw up the uprights so there 200mm tall, 40mm wide, and there are three gaps that are evenly spaced apart with the measurements of 25mm wide and 28m deep. make two of them. Sand down so its smooth

Step 7: Step 6: Routering the Base

With a router table, router the outside edges so there round. Choose the router bit you like.

Step 8: Step 7: Sanding

Sand all the pieces so there nice and smooth.

Step 9: Step 8: Gluing the Pieces Together

With PVA glue, put some of it on the bottom 5mm of the uprights than put them into the holes cut.

Step 10: Step 9: Finishing the Project

With wipe on poly, a rag and some gloves, polish the project. Leave for 24hrs, sand it back and polish again. You should have about 8 coats.