Introduction: PS4 Faulty Fan Repair- Daniel Shine

Hi my name is Daniel Shine, I have a distinct background working with electronics and taking them apart. I’m going to show you why you would need to know how to clean the inside of your PS4, but to manage the main issue that mostly all PS4 users have. This issue is caused over years of dust build up and also years of not cleaning the system.

The first thing needed to do before beginning this process is making sure there is not a disc in the PS4, and that the PS4 is not plugged in or powered on. The things needed to complete this process are as listed: PS4, a torque screwdriver, and a rag. The next thing is to be looking at the back of the PS4, where the HDMI port and the rest of the ports on the back are visible.


PS4, torque screwdriver, a rag.

Step 1: Step 1: Peel Off Stickers Placed Over Screw Holes.

The first step in taking apart the PS4 is peeling off the stickers that are placed over the screw holes. There should be four stickers, one is at the bottom left, two of them are lined up in parallel in the middle, and the last sticker is at the bottom right. To remove these stickers, simply chisel at the corners of the stickers to peel back on them.

Step 2: Step 2: Taking Out All Four Screws

The second step will be taking the four screws out that should be visible now. After taking out all four screws, make sure to place the screws in a secure spot. Now it is time to take off the panel on the bottom side of the PS4, which should come off fairly easily after taking out the four screws. The best way to do it is start at the back side of the PS4, and pull the bottom panel off one side at a time.

Step 3: Step 3: Cleaning Out the Fan

The next step after removing the bottom panel is setting the panel off to the side and laying the PS4 so the open side with the fan is facing upwards. Take the rag and clean out the inside of the fan as much as possible, clearing all the dust buildups that are visible. After thoroughly cleaning the fan out, make sure the fan spins cleanly by spinning it with finger movements. If the fan still sounds like something is getting caught, blow on the fan while spinning it, another good method is to knock on the top of the fan lightly. This will help because the fan is too dirty, allowing it to not keep up with the cooling methods, or that the fan needs to be pushed back into place.

Step 4: Step 4: After Cleaning Fan Thoroughly, Time to Resemble, and Check If It Works.

The last step after cleaning out the fan and making sure it spins cleanly, is to put everything back together. The first thing to do is to take the bottom panel and line it up so the back side is on the back, the back of the panel has holes in it which matches with the top panel. The best way to put the panel back on is to slide the front end on first which should fit around the USB ports in the front. After sliding the front end on, then go to the back snapping the panel back on. The last thing to do is to screw back in the four screws from the beginning, using the torque screwdriver. After completing this, plug in the PS4 with the power cord, and HDMI cord to the TV, and turn on the PS4. Start up a game on the console and let it sit for 5-10 minutes to make sure the PS4 doesn’t overheat.

Step 5: