PU Wheel Friction Drive E-Bike

Introduction: PU Wheel Friction Drive E-Bike

This is a friction drive system I designed that uses PU wheel electric skateboard hub motor. I'm using SONY VTC6 18650 6S2P batteries(22.2v 6000MAH), got a top speed of 15km/hr on flat ground. Plan on doing some more tests with higher voltage batteries.

STL files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2556492

Step 1: Prepare Parts Needed for the Build


1pcs M8 x 60mm bolt

3pcs M4 x 25mm bolts

3pcs M4 x 35mm bolts

3pcs M4 nyloc nuts

  • Battery : SONY VTC6 18650 6S2P (22.2v 6000MAH)

Step 2: ​Use 3pcs M4 X 35mm Screw and Nyloc Nuts to Mount TOP.STL and BOTTOM.STL Onto Bike

Step 3: Assemble Motor Mount With 3pcs M4 X 25mm Screws

Step 4: Use a M8 X 60mm Bolt and Nut to Hold Everything Together

Step 5: Find a Place to Mount the VESC

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