Introduction: PVC Phone Speaker Amplifier

This amplifier works by increasing resonance and directing the sound from the phone's speakers. If you get it right, it makes a REAL difference to the volume when listening to music.

You will need:

pvc pipe ( 30.5 cm by 7.6 cm ) ( 12 by 3 inches )

small piece of wood ( roughly 10 cm by 2 cm by 0.5 cm )

spray paint and primer

a chop stick


a hacksaw

Step 1:

Begin by using a piece of PVC pipe measuring 30.5 cm by 7.6 cm ( 12 by 3 inches )

Step 2:

At any point on the edge of the pipe, draw a 7.6 cm ( 3 inches ) long line. Do the same on the opposite side of the pipe.

Now, using a flexible ruler or measuring tape, mark a dot 7.6 cm ( 3 inches ) down the circumference of the pipe, repeat this so it is identical on the other end of the pipe.

Step 3:

Now join the end of the long line to the dot, creating a triangle. Repeat this for both sides of the pipe.

Step 4:

You should end up with this.

Step 5:

Now cut down the length of the line you drew, connecting the dot to the long line, using a hacksaw. Repeat this for both sides.

Step 6:

The PVC pipe should now have these slants on either end.

Step 7:

I recommend sanding down the edges after sawing through the pipe, it makes for a better finnish.

Step 8:

Now, roughly between the short and long ends of the pipe, make a mark using a pen. Find the middle of the length by measuring it, then halving the overall length. Make a line at the middle. Now you can measure the dimensions of the phone or any other device you wish to use, and draw the outline onto the pipe using the centre dot as the guideline. I measured mine for an iPhone 5s.

Step 9:

Cut out the area in which your device will slot in. I used my Dremel, but any other tool that works can be used. You can even burn out the centre using a soldering iron.

Step 10:

You should be left with a hole like this. Now test that your device fits in, if it does not, make the necessary adjustments. Sand down the rough edges of the cut.

Step 11:

Cut a small stick to about half the diameter of the pipe. I used a chop stick. Now glue the stick down directly under the opening for the device. Make sure that it is in the middle of the opening.

Step 12:

Build this little u shaped holder to the thickness of the device that you will place in the amplifier.

Step 13:

Now glue the u shape onto of the little pole so the device easily slots in and is secured into position.

Step 14:

Glue a piece of wood ( or any other material that doesn't look bad ) onto the back of the amplifier tube so that the tube is slightly angled upwards. This will prevent the tube from rolling.

Step 15:

Finally, give the amplifier tube a quick spray of primer and paint, let it dry and you're done!

Step 16:

The Final Product !

Step 17:

Here is a quick video demonstrating the amplifier. Please note that the video's sound does not to justice to the actual increase in volume.

Thanks for taking a look at my very first instructable. If you have any questions please comment. Thanks

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