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today I decided to make a rocking chair in the likeness of our beloved Pac-Man.

all you need to it yourself is:
1. wood cable spool
2. a saw (I only have hand saws :'( haha)
3. sand paper
4. black and yellow paint
5. 2 crescent wrenches or a dremel with a cut off wheel
6. 3 1/2" nails

Please take safety precautions if using power tools don't lose a finger!!

Step 1: Disassemble! !

you'll notice the spool has these metal rods holding it together here you can either grab your crescent wrenches and unscrew the nut on one end or do what I did and cut it off with your dremel because they're rusted and uncooperative :-}

Step 2: Cut Out His Face!

using the hole in the center of the spool as the corner of pac-mans mouth and one of the two circles beside it as his eye cut out a large wedge to form his open mouth (it'd be nice to have power tools for this alas I do not)

now you may find a nail in your way what I did was pull them out where I could but there was an instance where I couldn't so I took a blade from my hacksaw and cut through it by hand you can see me doing just that in picture 2

Step 3: Reassembly

as you can see my spool was put together with 2x6's and 2x4's
use the already routed circle and place 3-4 boards in there (depending on how big your spool is)to make the seat and nail them on though the spools top and bottom

to make the back take your spare boards and cut about an 1"-1"1/2 off of one end because we will no longer be placing them in the pre routed circle
you can arrange these any way you see fit but if you do it like I did in the picture you'll find it doesn't matter which way you sit in it because they're so similar in shape

Step 4: Sand,Paint,Done

now that you got your shape down and assembled sand everything down real smooth and paint the outside off the chair (Pac-mans face) yellow and the inside (his mouth) black let it dry add a cushion if you like and presto pac-man can now look like he's eating You while you relax :-}

Step 5: Comment and Vote :-}

I am entering this chair in the wood and enchanted objects contests so please show some support and through in a comment
happy building :-}

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