Painted "Bokeh Lights" Magnetic Art (from Old Cookie Sheets)




Introduction: Painted "Bokeh Lights" Magnetic Art (from Old Cookie Sheets)

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This is one update to your wall that you can keep on updating! These "bokeh lights" have been painted on old cookie sheets. Just change it up with homemade magnets -- photos of family, fun silhouettes, and letters to make catch phrases -- and you will have a wall that changes with each season or for any reason!

Step 1: Materials and Prep

You will need:

Old cookie sheets -- the older the better, as the surface will be more receptive to paint.

Paints -- since these boards are low-use items for art, I went ahead and used samples of "One", given this is an Olympic challenge and that I could most certainly make use of that new camera and paint sprayer. I was trusting that the primer and paint in one would suffice to keep these alive for the next few seasons.

Paint brushes

Sponges -- one dense and one with a fair number of holes

Scrub pad like copper or steel wool


Hook and loop with heavy-duty adhesive backing


Give your cookie sheet a good scrub with water and dish soap so that all oils and any residue are removed, as well as scratching the surface to be more receptive to paint.

Cut the dense sponge into preferred shape, in at least 3 sizes. I used circles, hexes, and hearts for this collection.

Cut the holey sponge into a random shape.

Step 2: Paint Base

Paint a light coat of paint on the cookie sheet, preferably a darker color. Let dry and paint a second light coat. Let dry.

Step 3: Sponge On

Using the holey sponge, very lightly and randomly sponge on each color you will use, starting with darker shades and adding on the lighter.

Using the shaped sponges, apply each color of paint lightly, making sure some overlap.

Step 4: Blur Out

Using the holey sponge, lightly sponge over the entire piece to blur out the shapes.

Step 5: Add More

Using the shaped sponges, continue to light build up colors of paint, making sure many are overlapping. I found that when the sponge was almost out of paint, it was really great to use for the lighter ring effect (when most of the paint is only on the edges).

Step 6: Paint Trim

I chose to paint my trim in gold and decided to use premium multi-surface acrylic craft paint for this.

Step 7: Backing

Apply the hook and loop on the back. Peel and firmly adhere to wall.

Step 8: Customize

Turn your favorite photos and captions into magnets and change it up!

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    Uncle Kudzu
    Uncle Kudzu

    7 years ago

    What a cool idea! They look great.