Introduction: Painting a Goguryeo Officer

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Here is a Young Miniatures 1/10 scale resin bust depicting a Heavy Cavalry Officer, 5th Century AD, Korea. These busts are well detailed, and are a joy to assemble and paint.


Cyanoacrylate glue (CA glue), and spray accelerator

Citadel White spray can primer

Citadel Acrylic paints and inks

Vallejo Acrylic paints

Testor's Enamel silver

Brass tubing

X-acto knife and #11 blades

assorted mini files for cleaning up seams and resin flash

Assortment of Garnet sandpaper

Dish soap and water for cleaning resin parts

Ben Franklin/Michael's wooden box

Minwax wood stain

5 minute epoxy

Step 1: The Beginning

Usually, the higher the cost of the figure, the better the quality of resin with minimal to no flash to sand off each part. Young Miniatures is a top notch company and produces beautiful figures, and I went straight to washing parts with dish soap and water and allowed to dry overnight.

The assembly went forward with no fit problems. The shoulder armour and body were assembled with CA glue and accelerator. The collar and head are kept separate for ease of painting.

Step 2: Primer and Base Coats

All parts are given a mist coat of primer, then another full coat and air dried.

Now comes base coating all areas. A mix of Citadel and Vallejo acrylics was used to cover the figure. A dark flesh is usually the base for the face painting buildup.

The fir hasn't been worked.

Step 3: Detailing

In the first photo, the body armour has been painted silver, then washed with thinned copper/black.After drying, Testor's enamel silver was lightly drybrushed for highlights. The uniform was painted navy blue, then washed with blue ink. The helmet was painted with bronze, then washed thinned copper. The primed fir straps are checked for placement after armour painting. The helmet wings are CA glued but not painted.

In the second photo, the fir has been painted brown, then dry brushed with sand, and white. The helmet feather plume was painted red, with a thin wash of black, then a wash of purple ink. The collar and cheek armour were painted Vallejo bronze and followed the helmet treatment. Body armour edge treatment used red, blue and tints of each mixed with white. The uniform was highlighted with light blue. The chest ties used red and and a wash of purple ink.

The face had washes of Citadel flesh tones, building up lighter with each layer until desired effect was achieved. The eyes were done white , eyeballs black with white highlights, then when dry, washed with thinned red ink. The eyebrows are painted black, then dry brushed grey and white.

Step 4: Finishing Up

At this stage, the finished collar and head are CA glued to the body. The fir straps are painted bronze and red, then a wash of purple ink , then bonded with CA glue.

The bottom of the figure was drilled 3/16" dia. x 3/8" deep. A 3/16" dia. brass rod was bonded in with CA glue.

The wooden box was sanded smooth with 320 grit Garnet paper, and stained. A 3/16" dia. hole was drilled and the protruding brass rod was glued in with 5 minute epoxy.

And after 4 days of work, this one was done.